Abuse is one of the most pressing problems facing society today. The statistics are alarming. A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. According to the CDC, 29.95% of female rape victims were first raped between the ages of 11-17. 

It takes many forms; domestic, sexual, verbal and physical abuse, but leaves very real and lasting physical and emotional scars. It does not discriminate. Abuse does not care about age, race, religion, or socioeconomic status, and almost everyone in the country has been a victim of abuse or knows someone who was abused. 

Far too often abuse is hidden away like a dirty secret and those being abused live in fear and suffer in silence. I was a victim of abuse, and I carry its lasting impact with me every day. I understand that it has been a part of shaping who I am, but abuse does not determine the future I create for myself. I choose to fight back; I choose to use my voice to raise awareness about abuse and to help other victims find their voice as well. Please feel free to visit the pages on this site to learn more about myself, my platform, and how YOU can become involved!! Find your voice, SPEAK UP!! There is always someone who is wiling to listen!! 

TaNechi Temple


"Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice.

It is within everyone"

 ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Finding a Voice